We all know that the older a vehicle gets the more likely there will be a problem. Generally, manufacturer’s warranties cover you through the good times when the probability of repair is low. You have made a large investment in your new purchase. Now invest in a protection plan to cover your new item for mechanical failures. Vehicles are built with thousands of specialized parts and hi-tech components. With the cost of repairs increasing an average of 5% per year, an expensive repair can be a financial burden. 

We have warranties  to make sure you sail right past any unexpected repair bills for years to come. While the price of most everything around us keeps going up, extended warranty costs have remained stable over the last ten years. Warranties today not only give you peace of mind but are also an excellent value. We will be happy to discuss the best coverage and term for you based on your individual requirements.

Don't sell yourself short. Consider extended warranty coverage for your new purchase.

Here are some examples of the coverage available.